Kalos irthate

Omega Ouzeri opened its blue door to share authentic and contemporary Greek food, celebrating every day. We redefine traditional Greek recipes from earth and sea, around the long-standing tradition of mezedes – small portions, of exceptional food, to be shared by everyone around the table. Yia Yia’s recipes for the next generation.

Wine is an appropriate article for mankind, both for the healthy body and for the ailing man. 
Hippocrates (c. 460 – c. 370 BC)




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PressWine&Spirits Mag

August Wine & Spirits Magazine, Tara Q. Thomas – The Third Wave: Omega Ouzeri  Authentic Greek food breaks the barriers to Greek wines

Seattle Times, Providence Cicero  Greek Love: Omega Ouzeri’s grounded flavors soar together

Seattle Met, Kathryn Robinson  The Alpha Omega Ouzeri Thank the Greek gods for Thomas Soukakos.

Seattle Weekly, Nicole Sprinkle  “As with so many ethnic cuisines, there’s often a  dumbing-down for the Western palate. While that mind-set is being challenged voraciously in the Asian food scene, Greek food has been wide open for a refresh. This is where Omega Ouzeri comes in.”

Seattle Spectator, Caroline Ferguson “Let it be known that the name is appropriate. Tasting ouzo at Omega was pretty damn revelatory.”bror