Kalos irthate

Hanging up my apron…
…and moving to Greece!

January 31 will be our last day.

1994 Tomas opened El Greco on Broadway
2004 Vios Cafe & Marketplace was born
2008 Vios Cafe Ravenna was introduced
2015 Omega Ouzeri brought Ouzo to Cap Hill
2024 We move to Greece.

Nine years ago (January 29, 2015) we opened Omega Ouzeri to bring Greece to Seattle, and share with you all the warmth, hospitality and deliciousness Greece has to offer.
We hope we inspired you to go to the real thing!

While we searched far and wide for someone to carry-on our Greek vision, it wasn’t in the cards.  

There will be news soon about the new owners and what they’ll do in the space; until then, we hope you will come and enjoy Greece in Seattle one last time before February 1.

a message from Tomas

Alexander (our son) is 22, graduating from Parson’s School of Design.
It has been 22 years that we’ve been missing his mom Carol.
14 years of marriage with Rebecca,
raising Alexander, working hard, loving, traveling,
celebrating 30 years of El Greco, 2 Vios’s, Omega.
Incredible new friends, pools of tears, plenty of laughs,
the time has come.

To spend more time in Greece,
more walks on the beach, more time for sunrises and sunsets,
reunite with family, open the doors for friends to visit,
more sunshine, less rain,
new experiences, new chapters.

January 31
will be the last day of service at Omega.
I want to thank everyone who helped me to have enough experiences
to fill two lifetimes.
Hope to see you in Greece.

Thank you and love you. –Tomas

What will Tomas do now?
…help you travel to Greece!

Over the years we’ve taken small, private groups to Greece,
with a food and wine focus of course.

We don’t have anything official to share with you yet (we need a Sabbatical first).

But if you would like more information when we formalize our plans, please opt-in to receive group emails from us in Greece. We’ll keep you posted.