Kalos irthate

Omega Ouzeri opened to share authentic and contemporary Greek food, celebrating every day. We redefine traditional Greek recipes from earth and sea, around the long-standing tradition of mezedes – small portions, of exceptional food, to be shared by everyone around the table. Yia Yia’s recipes for the next generation.

Ikarian Wine Dinner 

Wednesday, November 13

4 Courses – 4 Wines – 1 magical night

$110 per person – limited to 20 seats

Ikaria, the island where people forgot to die. Because of the wine? Maybe. Nikos Afianes, of Afianes Wines, is the pharmacist and the wine maker in Raches, Ikaria. I’m thinking Hippocrates quote, “let food be thy medicine.” 

Chef Thomas wants to introduce you to these wine treasures (“fountain of youth”), at our Ikarian Wine Dinner, and his dear friend Nikos with his son Konstantinos, are on the Raw Wine Tour and they are stopping in Seattle for our dinner! It will be an incredibly unique night that can only be had at Omega (or Ikaria). 

Tickets can be purchased at Eventbrite – Ikarian Wine Dinner 

“Worthless people live only to eat and drink; people of worth eat and drink only to live.”